Episode 25



April 15th, 2021

1 hr 12 mins 58 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Welcome to Code Completion, Episode 25! We are a group of iOS developers and educators hoping to share what we love most about development, Apple technology, and completing your code!

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Today, we discuss:
• Code Completion Club:
• Indie App Spotlight, with three apps for you to check out:
• Bound Audio by Tim Bueno:
• MoneyCoach by Perjan Duro:
• Attendance2 by Dave Reed:
• The relevance of Objective-C for new and existing developers
• The complexity of Swift
• SwiftUI vs UIKit

Also, join us for #CompleteTheCode and Compiler Error, two segments that test both your knowledge and our knowledge on Swift, Apple, and all things development!

Your hosts for this week:

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Complete the Code

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Compiler Error

1 - Much like Swift, ARC can be configured to operate on CoreFoundation types in Objective-C code using the option -f-objc-arc-cftypes at compile time.
2 - Automatic Reference Counting was originally called Automatic Retain Release, abbreviated as ARR, and was ultimately changed to ARC before release.
3 - Unlike with ARC, Objective-C Garbage Collection required users to implement -finalize rather than -dealloc for object cleanup.
4 - Although they were introduced with ARC, @autoreleasepool blocks can also be used in code where ARC is disabled since it offers a performance improvement.