Episode 7

Code Completion SE


September 21st, 2020

59 mins 1 sec

Season 1

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About this Episode

Welcome to Code Completion, Episode 7! We are a group of iOS developers and educators hoping to share what we love most about development, Apple technology, and completing your code on this brand new show!

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Today, we discuss:

  • iOS 14's rushed release
  • New Features in Swift 5.3
  • The A14 making it's debut on iPad before iPhone
  • The return of Touch ID on the iPad's top button
  • The new Apple One subscription service

Also, join us for #CompleteTheCode and Compiler Error, two segments that test both your knowledge and our knowledge on Swift, Apple, and all things development!

Your hosts for this week:

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Complete the Code

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Compiler Error

  1. Introduced in 1987, the Macintosh SE was a Special Edition of the 128k Mac that was the first Mac to offer a color display as an option, although limited to 8 bits.

  2. Introduced 2 years later as a processor update of its predecessor, the Macintosh SE/30 was unofficially expandable to a whopping 128 MB of RAM, an amount that was greater than many future models, and its board and front panel were available as official upgrades for the original Macintosh SE.

  3. A surprise to many, the SE naming made a comeback in 2016 as the iPhone SE, a Special Edition of iPhone 6S that used the iPhone 5S case, and would mark a new tier of low-cost iPhones with up-to-date components.

  4. Available today, the Apple Watch SE follows in the footsteps of the iPhone SE, but rather than use the internals of the flagship Series 6, it is instead closer to a limited variant of the Series 5, with an S5 package on a chip, but without an always-on display and electrocardiogram sensor.